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To fill the Christmas season with joy and unforgettable moments, we designed a greeting card with striking colours and interesting illustration, so as to bring surprise to our working partners and friends. 


Our design concept comes from the influence of flying restrictions in 2021, and many people cannot go abroad. Santa Claus was no exception and had to stay in Finland, he had asked for help from his good friend, God of Wealth (財神), who would come to town and deliver gifts. 


There are a few interesting elements to be found in the illustration: God of Wealth dressing up as Santa, tigers pretending to be reindeers, gold as Christmas tree decorations, “Merry Christmas” written in Fai Chun and etc. It came off as a ‘East meets West’ style, making the card more unique, vibrant and eye-catching.

Creative: So Creative

Illustrator: Ho Pak

Paper: Antalis HK

Printer: Ink’chacha 


Graphic Design



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