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Chow Sang Sang #StateYourStyle Campaign

Fashion is a means for people to express themselves. And the best fashion statement is to show their authentic self. The #StateYourStyle Campaign, therefore, hopes to encourage women to be bold and show off their styles through Chow Sang Sang's versatile jewellery collections. 

To celebrate the #StateYourStyle Tour, Chow Sang Sang collaborated with fashion illustrator Micko to host “The Art of Cassie” exhibition, as well as hosting a variety of workshops, including perfume making, floral arrangement and hairstyling, to the public. 

To create synergy for the #StateYourStyle campaign, we captured these beautiful moments and developed a set of social media content to encourage modern women to own their styles. Louisa Mak, Chrissie Chau, Kelly Cheung and Jennifer Yu each represents a unique persona of Hong Kong’s women, and their lifestyles are inspirational to Chow Sang Sang’s target customers. 

We also worked with a number of influencers and celebrities to amplify the efforts of the campaign to reach more audiences online.


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Social Media Content Creation

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State Your Style Key Visual
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