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Asia Miles by Cathay

Asia Miles, a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific, serves as both a mileage rewards program and one of Cathay Pacific's membership programs, offering extraordinary lifestyle experiences to its members.

To bridge the gap between the brand and the public, we leverage creative copywriting and innovative graphic design to enhance the brand experience on social media platforms. This approach aims to increase brand exposure, interaction, and engagement. Our goal is to strengthen brand recognition and help the public gain a better understanding of Asia Miles, ultimately encouraging them to join as Cathay Pacific members.


Asia Miles by Cathay


Creative Content Marketing


Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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"Tatler Dining Kitchen" is a collaborative promotion between Asia Miles and Tatler. The aim is to cross-promote various recommended restaurants and attract the public to become Cathay Pacific members and participate in this restaurant promotion. We have created a series of engaging promotional content with different themes, firsthand experiences, and a range of event highlights.


Content Planning Strategy:


Taking "Cathay Pacific x Start From Zero Handcrafted Mahjong" as an example, we leverage the unique characteristics of Hong Kong nostalgia and mahjong to evoke a sense of resonance among the public towards the product.

In terms of content creation, we use interesting wordplay, such as "Good Shuffle" and "Feasting in all directions," to promote the exquisite Cathay Pacific memorabilia. Additionally, we make good use of Instagram's Stories feature to publish interactive Q&A games, deepening the interaction between the public and the brand and bringing them closer together.


Instant Content:


To capture the public's attention, we closely follow the latest trends and hot topics in the city and quickly produce relevant content. Taking examples like "No worries, extend your miles!" and "0+3, go anywhere!" we design engaging content within a short period of time to increase brand interaction and engagement with the public. During International Coffee Day, we also create a promotional campaign featuring coffee products, using a subtle approach to promote the brand and enhance its image.

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